KP: Day to Day

September 01, 2015: Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” Over the course of his 33 years, Keith “KP” Pickard has had a breadth of experience, both good and bad. Growing up in North Omaha, Neb., life for Pickard was not particularly easy.

Zach Hughes: Daily Success

September 01, 2015: ”Once I was told to just kill myself and save everyone some time.” For most, those words would be devastating. The cruelty of others can make growing up a painful endeavor. “I got bullied a lot and I had people telling me that I would never be good at anything and I would never succeed,” explained Kansas native Zach Hughes.

Ryan Roberts: Making Lemonade

July 23, 2015: When life throws lemons, a person has two choices. They can get out of the way and take the path of least resistance, or they can take those lemons head-on and make lemonade. Professional mixed martial artist Ryan Roberts has had a lot of lemons thrown his way in recent years.

Tony Ortega: El Chupacabra

July 23, 2015: One downfall of the Midwest is when winter hits, all outdoor activities become brutally inconvenient. For years, bantamweight Tony Ortega found his glory for competition on the soccer field. But when the cold weather hit, he was unable to compete in his sport of choice. Left with a desire to compete and no outlet for competition, Ortega found a passion for mixed martial arts.

Ben Wallingford: Keep the winning streak alive

July 22, 2015: As it turns out, America's pastime isn't for everyone. The spirit of competition, however, runs deep in all athletes. For years, Ben Wallingford dedicated himself to the sport of baseball. As a pitcher in high school, Wallingford helped his team win back-to-back state championships. His efforts led him to playing baseball in college, but at the age of 20 and following a few nagging injuries, Wallingford lost his passion for the game.

Jordan Young: Young and Hungry

July 17, 2015: While most 20-year-olds are anticipating their next semester in college or their first legal drink, Jordan Young is anticipating his pursuit of becoming a world champion.

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